Podcast 5: Valentine’s Day Special Podcast

Romance can be a tricky thing. One person’s romance is another person’s schmaltzy nonsense. If you’re wondering how to enjoy Valentines’ Day in a suitably romantic fashion we recommend going to a fancy restaurant, ordering a good bottle of red, then putting on the 101 Video Games Valentine’s Day Special Podcast to fill those awkward gaps in conversation. Enjoy!

Click above to listen directly through this site or click below to listen/download in your media player of choice:

Podcast 5 Valentine’s Day Special!

So we reach the end of our Blogging Bonanza. Hope you enjoyed it. Will Ian now blog a bit more often to take the pressure off Lewis? Probably not, no.

Ian & Lewis


The way to a person's heart, Mortal Kombat style.


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  1. Old Gaulian

    Nice banner – Walker for the Amiga.

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