About 101 Video Games

101 Video Games That Made My Life Slightly Better sprang forth from a pub conversation about how dull most ‘Best Games of All Time’ lists are. The same old games seem to crop up on these countdowns again and again – the Zeldas, the Metal Gears, and so on – but in reality there’s plenty of entertainment to be had away from the recognised canon of ‘top games’.

So that’s where 101 Video Games steps in. This unashamedly subjective list champions games that raised an involuntary smile, that inspired unexplainable devotion, that made us laugh out loud… in other words, games that made our lives slightly better. Only slightly better mind you, but better all the same.

You’ll notice a few glaring omissions – where games are part of a series we’ve tried to pick the one or two we remember most fondly or that had something unique and interesting about them. And some well-known ‘top’ games don’t appear at all, simply because we don’t like them very much.

You might be surprised at some of the more, er… mediocre games on the list, but each one has something that clicked with us, something that made it stand out from the crowd – even if that something was that it never arrived or that it makes us think of an old TV show.

So without further ado, where better to start than at the beginning?

10 responses to “About 101 Video Games

  1. Don’t know if you ever played AutoDuel on C-64, but that was one hell of a game.

    You could make that into one hell of a MMORPG

  2. lewispackwood

    I can’t say I’ve played it, but judging by the Wikipedia entry (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autoduel) it does indeed sound like an excellent idea for an MMORPG. It’s a shame there aren’t more RPGs that deviate from the creaky old orcs and goblins format…

  3. callahan09

    I found your blog by google searching for some Ico screenshots (trying to compare visual styles of the older Fumito Ueda games to the new trailer for the Last Guardian, which, if you haven’t seen yet, you must go to gametrailers.com and watch!)

    I’m glad that I did that google search rather than simply putting the game in my PS2 for the first time in years and looking at it first-hand, because I’ve very much enjoyed reading your thoughts and memories on all of these games. Keep it up! In fact, maybe you’ve inspired me to do something similar, and jot down my thoughts and memories on some of the games that I remember fondly.

  4. Catherine Meyers

    Hi Lewis and Ian,

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  5. James

    Hey, I found your article while (knoowingly) going on fruitless search for plans for Lost Kingdoms 3. The Lost kingdoms Series is one of my all-time favorite and I’m really glad that you got to play the first one! Anyways, I was wondering if you ever played the second (or knew it even existed); you didn;’t mention it in your article. If you haven’t, you should pick it up on ebay or something, because it improves on teh first one in almost every way…

    • lewispackwood

      I remember when Lost Kingdoms 2 came out, but it was quite difficult to find and I never got round to playing it. I considered picking it up on eBay a little while back, but I’ve got such a huge backlog of games to get through at the moment that I’ve promised myself I won’t buy any more games until I’ve finished the ones I’ve already got (see the backlog list here: http://amostagreeablepastime.wordpress.com/the-mantelpiece/). One day though, one day…

      Thanks for your comment, I hope you enjoy reading the blog!

  6. James

    Also, check out Demon’s Souls…it’s one of the best games of this generation! And the pikmin series, if you’ve never played it…
    and Cubivore, because it’s odd.

    • lewispackwood

      I loved Pikmin, but I didn’t put it on the list in the end because I felt it was too similar to Little King’s Story, and I really wanted to write about the enjoyable weirdness of the latter game. I haven’t played the other two games you mention, but I’ll certainly look out for Cubivore. I’ll probably give Demon’s Souls a miss though – it seems to head a bit too far into the masochism end of the video game difficulty spectrum for my liking!

  7. Morgan Parker


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