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Podcast 17: Ghostbusters: The Video Game (#90)

Format: Xbox 360 Genre: Third-Person Shooter Released: 2009 Developer: Terminal Reality

(SCENE: The Ghostbusters are facing Gozer. He/She/It speaks to them in a voice that can be heard throughout Metropolitan New York and parts of New Jersey).


WINSTON: What’s he talking about? Choose what?

STANTZ: What do you mean “choose?” We don’t understand.


SPENGLER: I think he’s saying that since we’re about to be sacrificed anyway, we get to choose the form we want him to take.

STANTZ: You mean if I stand here and concentrate on the image of Roberto Clemente, Gozer will appear as Roberto Clemente and wipe us out?

SPENGLER: That appears to be the case.

VENKMAN: Don’t think of anything yet. Clear your minds. We only get one crack at this.

GOZER: The choice is made. The Travellers have come.

VENKMAN: We didn’t choose anything! I didn’t think of an image, did you?

STANTZ: I couldn’t help it! It just popped in there! Look!

(Looking south past Columbus Circle, the Ghostbusters see part of something big and
nerdy moving between the buildings accompanied by thunderous footsteps).

VENKMAN: What is it? Ray, what did you think of?

(Two massive shapes pass behind some buildings, offering a glimpse of what appears to be a giant t-shirt with some kind of retro/ironic design on the front).

STANTZ: It can’t be! It can’t be!

(The thundering footsteps continue to plod as the things start to emerge from behind the buildings. Now we can see a giant hand holding a cheap microphone, another hand holding an enormous can of beer).

STANTZ: I tried to think of the most harmless thing… something that is completely pointless… something that most people have never heard of…

(At that moment a deafening laughter emerges from the monsters mouths, they seem to find their own jokes very amusing. No one else is laughing).

STANZ: It’s… It’s… It’s the 101 Video Games That Made My Life Slightly Better Podcast!

(Winston, Venkman and Spengler gape).

As a kid I had the Stay Puff action figure. It was the same size as the other figures which made it extremely disappointing.

It’s the 101 Video Games That Made My Life Slightly Better Podcast! This time, if you haven’t already worked it out, we take a look at the extremely fun Ghostbusters Videogame. Enjoy!

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Podcast 17 – Ghostbusters The Video Game

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Oh, and if you like Ghostbusters, don’t forget to check out the original 1950s film:

Ian & Lewis


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#79: Little King’s Story

Format: Wii Genre: RPG Released: 2009 Developer: Cing/Town Factory

Little King’s Story was a very pleasant surprise. Having read some positive reviews before buying it, I knew it was going to be good, but I was amazed at just how good it would turn out to be.

The first thing you need to know about Little King’s Story is that it’s definitely not ‘little’ – by the time I’d finished it I’d racked up over 40 hours of gameplay, and there were still side quests I hadn’t done. To be fair, you could probably finish the main game a lot more quickly than that, but there are so many interesting distractions along the way, you’d be doing the game a disservice to ignore them. I mean, how can you pass up the opportunity to beat a cow at table tennis?

Anyway, I was initially drawn to Little King’s Story by the similarities it shares with Pikmin, one of my favourite GameCube games and one that has – perhaps surprisingly – rarely been imitated. Superficially, the games are very similar in that you command a group of followers who you can fling in front of you to fight enemies, break rocks, carry items and generally do useful stuff. However, whereas Pikmin only gave you three types of follower to choose from, Little King’s Story has around 20, all with different abilities. As such the game is a lot more complicated, and coming up with the right balance for your team – particularly during boss battles – can be quite tricky.

Speaking of boss battles, the bosses in this game have to be some of the most inspired I’ve ever seen, ranging from a drunken layabout king who you have to knock from atop his pile of beer crates (see screenshot below) to ‘King TV Dinah’, a part man, part TV broadcaster who fights across various telly programmes, from westerns to sci-fi. My favourite though was a boss who hides inside a giant egg and challenges you to answer questions about the things you’ve seen so far in the game – get a question wrong and he releases hordes of cockerels to attack you. Natch.

The game is far from perfect of course, and in fact some parts are downright frustrating. In particular, there’s a section in the middle where the game gives you little direction on where to go or what to do, and you end up grinding through dozens of repetitive side quests in the hope of upgrading your weedy followers. Plus there are some utterly ridiculous difficulty spikes – the mountain level is a particular offender in this category, where suddenly you’re introduced to enemies and hazards that can kill half your followers in an instant. Who on earth thought that would be ‘fun’?

But despite its shortcomings, Little King’s Story was an absolute delight to play, chiefly because of the sheer imagination and charm oozing out of its every pore. In years to come, people will hail this game as a cult classic, and the fact that it failed to trouble the charts will only add to its rarity – buy it now before it starts changing hands on eBay for 50 quid a pop.


(Screenshots from

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Podcast 7: Batman: Arkham Asylum (#67)

Format: Xbox 360 Genre: Fighting/Stealth/Adventure Released: 2009 Developer: Rocksteady Studios



BATMAN: ‘Yes Commissioner Gordon?’

C. GORDON: ‘It’s the Riddler, he’s sent us a message. It’s addressed to you…’

BATMAN: ‘Read it to me Commissioner, this might be important’

C. GORDON: ‘Riddle me this Batman – What can everyone listen to yet no one does? On what do people laugh constantly despite what they say not being amusing? What lasts 25 minutes but seems to last forever?




Yes, after mentioning Batman in practically every podcast they’ve done, Lew and Ian finally devote an entire episode to the Dark Knight, in particular Batman: Arkham Asylum.


'I know I shouldn't say this, but you're my favourite enemy'.


Though Lewis and Ian being Lewis and Ian they couldn’t help but ramble, so you also get with this podcast discussions about football games, superhero games in general, the new Spider-Man game, Ian’s idea for a Judge Dredd game and the usual homoerotic undertones.


Special Scanning Eyesight Mode


As the Riddler alludes to above, it’s a long one, nearly 25 minutes. Though Lewis and Ian make no apologies – it’s Batman. It needs to be talked about…

Click above to listen directly through this site or click below to listen/download in your media player of choice:

Podcast 7 Batman Arkham Asylum

Ian & Lewis


You'd think the henchmen would have learned to look up when looking for Batman.



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Podcast 3: The Beatles: Rock Band (#45)

Format: Xbox 360 Genre: Rhythm Action Released: 2009 Developer: Harmonix

[The scene – Abbey Road Studios, June 1962…]

Paul: Mr Martin, Mr Martin, we’ve got a great idea for our band.

George: Yeah Mr Martin, its well gear.

George Martin: Now what’s all this about boys?

Pete: Well Mr Martin, The Beatles, the band I’m part of and, I guess, will always be part of, think it would be fab if there was some kind of game that allowed people to pretend to be us. They could sing our songs and play with pretend instruments and everything! Not that I would need to play it being, as I am, part of the Beatles. Ringo would like it though…

George Martin: Hmmmm, surely guitar based games are on their way out?

John: Of course not. Everyone wants to be part of a band, and the Beatles are going to be bigger than Jesus. And such a statement will just make us even more popular!

Paul: And maybe in 48 years or so two men will sit around and talk about the game and us, while stumbling over their words, trying not to laugh at their own jokes, and rambling about other stuff as well.

George Martin: Maybe you’re right boys. Though lets not do it now, do it in about 47 years or so. We’ve still got to record your first album.

George: And I want to learn how to play the sitar first.

Pete: Well I can wait that long. I mean, it’s not like I’m going anywhere!


Here’s the 3rd 101 Video Games podcast and, of course, it’s about The Beatles Rock Band. Listen as we talk about the Beatles, hymns, Lewis’ cousin Jake and whether John would have approved. Only 17 minutes this time, promise. And we don’t laugh at our own jokes as much:

Click above to listen directly through this site or click below to listen/download in your media player of choice:

Podcast 3 The Beatles Rock Band

Click below to see the very cool intro:

(You may have to skip through the E3 intro and bat away the pop-up ad – sorry, best vid we could find!)

Lewis and Ian

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Podcast 1: The House of the Dead: Overkill (#35)

Format: Wii Genre: Light Gun Game Released: 2009 Developer: Headstrong Games


The House of the Dead: Overkill

'Mutherhugger' (taken from


It’s finally here, the first 101 Video Games That Made My Life Slightly Better podcast! Click play below to hear two very well spoken boys quietly speak in very posh voices about The House of the Dead: Overkill. Be amazed as we get a bit too excited and talk over each other. And be slightly concerned as our mums come up in the conversation.

Enjoy, and don’t be too cruel in the comment section.

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Podcast 1 House of the Dead Overkill

Ian & Lewis


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