Podcast 21: Fallout 3 (#99)

Format: Xbox 360 Genre: Action Role-Playing Released: 2008 Developer: Bethesda Game Studios

So, Fallout 3. It’s buggy. Occasionally awkward to control. The in-game characters sometimes know stuff they shouldn’t and/or the conversations get stuck in odd loops. It is also fantastic.

Fallout 3

Fallout 3

2008 was not a great year for Ian. All sorts of horrible things happened and his life took a very different direction to where he thought it was going. Come November he found himself single and living with his Mum. The best laid plans of mice and men eh? Ian’s personal misfortune coincided with a global misfortune, as the economy went belly-up. Basically to Ian circa November 2008 everything seemed f*****d.

So what did he do? Ian sulked for a bit, then went out and bought an Xbox 360 and Fallout 3.

Now let’s just stop a moment and think about this. Ian’s not happy. Banks are going under. The Russians are showing off in Georgia. Global Warming. The possibility, however slight, that McCain and Palin might actually win… The sense (and admittedly that sense is still kind of around today) that the world was falling apart, that we are, in best Daily Mail tradition, going to hell in a hand cart. And what does Ian buy? A game which depicts a horrific, post apocalyptic waste land. Where the inhabitants live hand to mouth, struggling with radiation, marauding gangs, mutants and monsters.

Take that mutant!

Take that mutant!

It was just the tonic! Ian plays the game as a virtual saint, becoming a hero to the people of the Wasteland.

Fast forward to Christmas 2010. Lewis receives Fallout 3 from the kindly old soak that Ian has become. Lewis is newly promoted, happily living with the love of his life in his own flat (bought that year) in a trendy-but-not-to-trendy-but-still-nice bit of London. Lewis is happy and comfortable. He plays the game as a ruthless evildoer, enslaving, murdering and looting as he goes.

There’s an important lesson there. Do write in if you work out what that lesson is.

Lewis's trusty companion Sergeant RL-3 - never leave home without one. His 'lively' phrases have a knack of sticking in the memory, such as: "Do that again and I'll put my boot so far up your ass you'll cough up boot polish!"

It’s the 21st 101 Video Games That Made My Life Slightly Better Podcast! In this one we discuss Fallout 3. For ages. Seriously, it’s about 45 minutes long. Sorry about that.

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Podcast 21 – Fallout 3 (Post #99)

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We’ll leave you with something that goody-two-shoes Ian never got to see – the stirring sight of Megaton being annihilated…

Ian and Lewis


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10 responses to “Podcast 21: Fallout 3 (#99)

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  2. Andrew

    Ian, is your ringtone super-shoomin car?!

    Also, I still haven’t finished this game. The bugs finally got the better of me…

  3. Andrew

    Have you ever seen that episode of Red Dwarf with the suicide squid, where they think their life on ship was a computer game? Timothy Spall is the guy running the acrcade and keeps asking questions like “how did you break into the castle of light and rescue the princess?” and “did you find the eye of infinite wisdom?” Everytime I talk about Fallout 3, I feel a bit like Lister; standing there wondering how I ended up spending so much time walking around featureless landscape, running from scorpions.

    I got there in the end.

  4. JWK

    I like the site a lot. You’re both correct that many of these games don’t make the traditional top 100 lists. I am planning on buying an dplaying Fallout 3 (PS3) for the first time tonight. Just wanted to comment on your McCain/Palin bit. I’m not a fan of either person. In fact I think both people are very flawed in their political lives. But, it’s still better than having your entire philosophy flawed, as is the case with Obama. It’s just very interesting to hear that even people on the other side of the world have been drinking the kool-aid. Obama can’t save us. We can only save ourselves.

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  6. Greenskirt Girl

    Love, love, love this game, but ohh, the bugs. Played this game for like 6 months straight after getting a PS3, totally ignoring the games that came with the system. I bought the game of the year edition, which included all the dlc, and was literally 4 or 5 missions away from finishing the whole game, all dlc’s included, when I got stuck. I went into a hole to get a soil sample, and when I tried to get back out, the game kept loading…and loading…and loading. I got so upset I swore off Bethesda games for a while, even though I had just purchased New Vegas about a month before. I still love the game though.

  7. KhleSmizth

    Awesome Podcast 🙂

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