Podcast 10: The Filmy Gamey Podcast

Scene: A group of ape-like creatures approaches an enormous black obelisk. The creatures become agitated, whooping and howling as the skitter back and forth in confusion and fright. The braver of the creatures start to approach th obelisk, and the boldest of the group reaches out to touch it. Looking down, the creature espies a bone, and for some reason he feels the urge to pick it up. The excitement in the group reaches fever pitch, and in a frenzy the bone is thrown high into the air… the camera pans upwards to follow the bone’s trajectory, and as it spins against the bright blue prehistoric sky it seamlessly morphs into the form of an NES controller. Human civilisation has begun.


Its the 101 Video Games That Made My Life Slightly Better Podcast! In our 10th recording we discuss the relationship between films and video games. Marvel at how Lewis and Ian don’t let a little thing like not seeing a film stop them from making sweeping statements about its relationship to games. Laugh as Lewis manages to bring up Batman in the first two minutes of a podcast. Gasp as Ian brings up Lewis in the shower. Again.

WARNING – Its a really long one this time, 35 minutes or so. Sorry about that, there seemed to be a lot to talk about. Click below to listen directly through this site:

Or download and listen on your MP3 player of choice:

Podcast 10 – Films and Games

Trailer for the greatest game related film ever:

Any one else ever wanted to shout this out on a crowded tube train?

Ian & Lewis


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3 responses to “Podcast 10: The Filmy Gamey Podcast

  1. lewispackwood

    Witness the birth of a new catchphrase: “I haven’t played it.”

  2. lewispackwood

    If anyone’s interested, according to Wikipedia E.T. was the second video game based on a movie: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E.T._the_Extra-Terrestrial_%28video_game%29#Impact_and_legacy

    Still not sure what the first one was though…

  3. lewispackwood

    Has Guardian columnist James Meek been listening to our latest podcast? Seems we’re not the only ones to have noticed that films are becoming more like games: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2010/aug/21/james-meek-on-participatory-arts

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