Podcast 14: Best Ever Console Quarter Finals

It’s the Quarter Finals of the Best Ever Console Competition on 101 Video Games! More importantly it’s the swimwear section of the contest. Unfortunately the ‘PC’ brigade have nothing better to do than attack an innocent competition, somehow suggesting that forcing consoles to parade in front of our judges showing as much flesh as possible is demeaning and sexist. Poppycock!

Pictured: Lewis and Ian pose with last year's winner of the Miss Best Ever Console Contest

Still, that’s the world we live in. To show that 101 Video Games is not asking the consoles to do anything Ian and Lewis wouldn’t, our hosts will also be dressed in swimwear. So join Ian, dressed in a tasteful, mint green one-piece costume, and Lewis, in a risqué, cherry red bikini topped off with a delightful red bow, as they judge the prettiest and loveliest consoles in the world!

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Podcast 14 – Best Ever Console Quarter Finals

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Here’s the state of play at the Quarter Finals:

Lewis & Ian

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