Podcast 8: World Cup Special Podcast

Olé olé, olé olé, olé olé, olé olé PIZZA HUT HUT HUT!

It’s the 101 Video Games Made My Life Slightly Better World Cup Special Podcast. If you love football and if you love video games then you’ll love two men awkwardly talking about why they don’t really like sports and football, and at one point get quite bitter about the fact that football isn’t seen as nerdy. Even though it is.


A Quick Word From Kenny...


Click below to listen directly through this site:

Or download and listen on your MP3 player of choice:

Podcast 8 World Cup Special

Here are a couple of videos which accurately depict Lewis and Ian’s daily experience of trying to talk football in a football loving world:


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3 responses to “Podcast 8: World Cup Special Podcast

  1. lewispackwood

    I was just reading about the passing system in PES on the Wii (read the comments here: http://www.edge-online.com/news/ea-details-fifa-11). It seems like a great system – just point the remote where you want to pass to go to and press a button. Maybe this is the accessible football game we’ve been looking for Ian?

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