Breaking the 50,000-hit barrier

Last week 101 Video Games smashed through the 50,000-hit barrier, so in celebration of this momentous occasion we’ll be bringing you a new blog post EVERY DAY FOR THE NEXT WEEK.

Yes, in a break from blog tradition, we will actually be churning out posts on a daily basis, rather than knocking up some half-arsed prose whenever we feel like it. It might kill us, but we can only try.

Oh, and look out for the next exciting instalment of our ‘Best Ever Console’ feature, the contest that’s gripped the nation.* You can subscribe to our podcasts in iTunes by clicking the link below:

And to keep with the 50,000 theme, we’ve also designated the week of 11th October to 17th October as 50000 Quaoar Week. Join us in celebrating this binary trans-Neptunian object and dwarf planet candidate as it orbits the Sun amidst the Kuiper belt.

Artist's impression of 50000 Quaoar.

All week we’ll be campaigning to get this diminutive solar satellite recognised as a genuine dwarf planet. At roughly half the size of Pluto, 50000 Quaoar is a prime candidate for being upgraded, so please do email NASA with your recommendations for dwarf planet status, along with accurate astronomical readings of 50000 Quaoar’s diameter and orbit, if you have them to hand.

Lewis & Ian

*Or at least 25 podcast subscribers anyway.

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