Podcast 15: Best Ever Console Semi Finals

The Semi Finals of any competition are always stressful. So close to the final yet so far. The Semi Final of The Best Ever Console Competition is of course no different.

If anything, it’s worse. If you think the pressure from the tabloids is bad on the England football team, you should try picking up one of the Video Game mags. ‘The Official Playstation Magazine’ has photographed the Playstation in a nightclub drinking before a big match, Edge has had feature after feature on consoles’ WAGs (with lots of pictures of course!) and just look at Official Nintendo’s front page:

It’s not easy for our judges either. You try to think of new things to say about a console after already discussing it three times.

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Podcast 15 – Best Ever Console Semi Finals

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Here’s the way things look at the Semi Final stage:

Ian and Lewis


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3 responses to “Podcast 15: Best Ever Console Semi Finals

  1. Really kewl site about console peripherals !

  2. Marko Kovačić

    Will you make 2012 version of best console ever?
    I think you should have 32 consoles this time!
    and i can be a small judge for only first round!
    but how do you schuffle them for match-ups?

  3. Gamer

    Whoever decided these are morons. SNES over PS3? DS over Xbox 360? Wii over N64? What kind of crack were you on when you decided these?

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