Podcast 13: Best Ever Console Round 2

LADIEEEEEEEZ AND genelmen, welcome to Round Two of the Best Ever Console Competition! This week we have a very special guest star on the podcast – Shirley Crabtree, aka BIG DADDY himself.

Big Daddy powerslams Lewis to show him who is REALLY boss.

Due to contractual reasons and the fact that he died nearly 13 years ago, Big Daddy says nothing during the podcast. But he did perform a couple of wrestling moves on Lewis and Ian while they were warming up for the recording (Lewis and Ian have a very strict warm up routine which includes leotards, pelvic thrusts and beer). This explains why they seem to slur some of their words, forget what they are talking about, get confused and accidentally swear. Again.

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Podcast 13 Best Ever Console Round 2

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Here’s the current state of play:

The competition as it stands at the beginning of Round 2

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