Podcast 4: Games on TV Podcast




Celebrate us reaching our half way point on the blog by listening to yet another 101 Video Games Podcast! This time we discuss the strange history of Video Games on TV. If Video Killed the Radio Star will Video Games kill the TV Star? No, of course not.

We ramble on for about 22 minutes this time. We also laugh a lot at our own jokes again. Sorry!

Click on the player to listen directly through this site:

Or click on the link below to listen/download in your media player of choice:

Podcast 4 Games on TV

And just to get you in the mood, here are some clips of our ‘favourite’ shows.

Gamesmaster with a sarcastic Dominik Diamond and annoyed Dave Perry:

Find out everything you need to know about the Atari Jaguar on Bad Influence:

Honestly, it was pretty much impossible to find a clip of BITS which didn’t have Emily Booth in a slightly revealing outfit:

Ian & Lewis

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One response to “Podcast 4: Games on TV Podcast

  1. lewispackwood

    STOP PRESS: GamesMaster could be back on telly soon!


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