Podcast 20: Amiga Power (And Other, Lesser Gaming Magazines)

Welcome, wanderers of the SuperInformationCanalPath, to the Podcast of Champions: an entire 26 minutes (count ’em!) dedicated to the MIGHTY BEINGS of Amiga Power (and other, lesser gaming magazines).

It's Doom... but on the Amiga.

Pay attention as we DISSEMINATE ESSENTIAL INFORMATION about Stuart N Hardy, the Amstrad CPC464k (NOT the Amstrad CPC6128k), Bob The Hamster, Office Joust, Doom… but on the Amiga, “Orwellian dandies” and AP’s dreadful, hateful magazine rivals: we’re looking at you, (“Michael Jackson” – Ed).

Despite receiving some devastating feedback from a certain anonymous, whining, childish hatemonger, and despite Ian’s repeated attempts to torpedo the conversation, we struggle through to produce the finest podcast the world has ever seen. With hilarious consequences.

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Podcast 20 Amiga Power

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And if this podcast has whet your appetite for more Amiga Power shenanigans, we recommend you hasten forthwith to AP2 (it’s Amiga Power – but on the computer) and Stuart Campbell’s forum for the chastising of useless, cretinous morons, World Of Stuart.

Ian lines up another laser-guided conversation torpedo, yesterday.

Lastly, here’s a video of Bob The Hamster*. BYE-BYE BOB. YOU WERE A GIRL HAMSTER.

*Not the actual Bob The Hamster. Natch.

Lewis & Ian

(Cover image from Amiga Magazine Rack)


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6 responses to “Podcast 20: Amiga Power (And Other, Lesser Gaming Magazines)

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  3. Darlastonian

    Actually, ‘Amiga Power’ was awful. Pretentious, unreadable garbage. Granted, ‘Amiga Action’ was no better, and was often staggeringly inept. It started OK, but gradually became worse as time went on. By the end, it was basically just a pamphlet full of mistakes.

    That said, most Amiga magazines were actually rather bad. ‘CU Amiga’, ‘Amiga Format’, ‘Amiga Computing’ and all the rest were full of swathes of dull technical material, with just a tiny handful of reviews, while the likes of the moribund ‘Amiga Force’ and ‘Amiga Mania’ were little more than promotional leaflets.

    The only decent Amiga magazine was ‘The One’, which was just a good, solid, old-fashioned, no-nonsense, computer game review, although even that went down the pan in latter years.

    The best you can say about ‘Amiga Power’, though, is that it occasionally had very good cover disks, which I was sometimes suckered into buying. The magazine itself, though, wasn’t even fit for toilet paper.

  4. lewispackwood

    Wow, you’re the first person I’ve met (well, virtually met) who actually hated Amiga Power! Although I gather the staff weren’t too popular with many software publishers either… I guess AP wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I think in terms of consistently good writing and fair-handedness in review scores, it deserves high praise. Rather than get worse towards the end, I think it actually got better as it went on: the gradual evaporation of Amiga software to review meant the team could exercise their creativity in terms of thinking up bizarre features to fill the pages of the magazine, culminating in the absolutely barmy final issue.

    Anyway, interesting to hear from someone with the opposite viewpoint! I agree that The One was pretty good, but it’s AP all the way for me.

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