About the Authors


Lewis’s withered thumbs and sunken eye sockets give an indication of just how long he’s been playing video games. He claims that the first video console he owned was made of wood and had circuits made of string.

Lewis likes nothing better than blathering on about old video games that no-one remembers, but for a while he wrote about new video games for Terminal Gamer. This didn’t last long. Since the end of 101 Video Games, he has started a new, overly complicated Victorian-style gaming blog called A Most Agreeable Pastime.  Oh, and he used to live in Japan.


Ian has played computer/video games on and off for the last 25 years or so. He estimates that he spent a good 10 of those 25 years stuck on that end of level boss who shoots missiles from his eyes while the floor is electrified.

Since discovering girls in 1996 (or more accurately, finally plucking up the courage to talk to girls) he has spent less and less time actually playing games, preferring instead to have Lewis talk at him about them. Ian isn’t actually very good at video games, the only ones he ever really mastered being Resident Evil 2 and Command and Conquer Red Alert. He should write on this blog more, but keeps being distracted by stuff on the internet.

6 responses to “About the Authors

  1. Just came across this site today, and even just by looking through a few posts I am impressed by the quality and depth of the articles and layout of the site. I myself have a small blog that I set up earlier this year dedicated to video games, and this site has acted as a positive inspiration. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. lewispackwood

    Thanks for your comment – good to know we’re inspiring people. Good luck with your blog!

  3. john

    I found this podcast when I was searching for fallout 3 podcasts. I then listened to the best console podcast and was rolling with laughter. It was just brilliant stuff. Cant believe you guys aren’t doing this podcast anymore as I’ve only just found it.

  4. mike

    please do you have conker bad fur day ?

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