Podcast 19: Resident Evil 2 (#92)

Format: Playstation Genre: Survival Horror Released: 1998 Developer: Capcom

It’s been quite a journey for this podcast. Way back in early 2008, right at the very beginning of the blog, Ian decided he was going to write a post about a Resident Evil game. Problem was he couldn’t decide which one. Do you go with the original? Or Resident Evil 2, the game of the series he probably played the most? What about Resident Evil 4? Arguably the best of the series… Although saying that Resident Evil 3 has its moments as well.

Welcome to Raccoon City!

So rather than make a decision Ian did what he has done so many times with this blog. He didn’t bother. Flash forward to early 2011 and there are less than 10 posts left to do. Time is running out so he knuckles down and chooses Resident Evil 2. Ian finds it difficult to write though. What’s his ‘hook’? Can he restrict himself to just talking about Resident Evil 2? What can he say that’s not been said a thousand times before? So, again, he doesn’t bother starting. Eventually Lewis suggests ‘Let’s just do it as a podcast’.

I don't care what people say, anything called 'Licker' must be friendly.

So welcome to the 19th 101 Video Games That Made My Life Slightly Better podcast. A testament to Ian’s laziness and Lewis’s limitless patience. Enjoy!

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Podcast 19 Resident Evil 2

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Oh, and before we go here’s a clip from ‘Spaced’. Other than the cheap speed and the fact the bean bag was green not blue, this is pretty much Ian at University.

Ian & Lewis


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4 responses to “Podcast 19: Resident Evil 2 (#92)

  1. lewispackwood

    Just found a video of that cancelled Resident Evil Gameboy game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=105Lbnxl9p0

    Impressive that they managed to fit it on the Gameboy, but you can see why it was cancelled…

  2. Old Gaulian

    As a portable gaming tragic, I remember in my youth looking at images of the Gameboy Color version (for some reason every image was of that stair case) and thinking that life couldn’t get any better. Of course with the benefit of hindsight I can now see that there was no way it was going to happen – and if the Gameboy Color port of one of my fave PS1 era games, Vigilante 8 is any indication, it would’ve sucked anyway.


    …in the end I did eventually get to experience it on my DS – and it was worth the wait. At least more worth the wait than Resident Evil Gaiden on the GBC…

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